Saturday, April 26, 2014

How EU can create more than 7 millions jobs in less than 7 months Example nr 1

EU had failed 7 times with 7 differents projects which had been elaborated  in order to create jobs In some of them instead to

teach entrepreneurs what they have to do to get high  profit in very short time ,increase sales with more than 25 %

 using only new mwedia and digital science advantages ,they had launched a stupid programme in which EU pays companies which will employe people

This programme apart of being so stupid it will

encourage prostitution crime ,narcotic trafic and some others illegaly acts

Why this will happen ?
We will come back to finish this post until then you can inform your friends ,relatives to follow contents in this blog because we are going to present viable solution to solve millions of problems which are affecting EU since 2009

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we will present more than 3 projects which can help EU to achive this objectiv 

In this firt example we are going to demonstrate why this can be possible in a very short time 
For example if in any EU country it will be promoted a Know how transfer events friday about 

1) Businesses opportunities which bring more than 25 % profit in less than 75 days
2) How EU banks can get more than 7 millions new clients in less than 7 months
3) Business opportunities which do not consume resources and create polution
In friday ,thousands of partecipants from different countries will partecipate
As when by this ocassion those events can be combined with adventure touristics products it will creat jobs in transport ,tourism ,construction ,commerce ,service ,artesanat ,agriculture real estate , ,food industries ,new media ,real ,art and entertinement ,advertising ,ecologic industries ,research ,multimedia production ,digital economy etc and dozens of some others areas which have direct and indirect link with those AS YOU CAN SEE IT DOES NOT NEED TO MUCH WORDS TO DEMONSTRATE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO CREATE MORE THAN 7 MILLIONS JOBS IN LESS THAN 7 MONTHS
If you will read other post here you will find more informations about what must be done

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