Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Big list of EU mistakes which can be used by Nationalist and extremist parties

1) Taking into consideration that anything which are linked with Russia have a great power to sensibilisize EU electors ,if National and extremist EU

will make EU electors to know that majority of EU businesses need energia from Rusia and if UE entrepreneurs will choose to invest

in digital economy they will depends on USA tools ,this will make millions of EU citizens to get revolted

because Rusia had been made research and they had suceeded to find alternative for google ,Facebook yahoo, platforma but unfortunatly EU did not

2) EU parents are so revolted because their kids email adress and telefphone number arrive in the hand of foreign and this is happening  because

EU   did not make researches and create alternative for USA digital platforms ,This situation is making  millions of EU parents grand parents and families to get revolted   because  they know Rusia had  made research and they suceeded to find alternative for google ,Facebook yahoo, platformes  but unfortunatly EU did not

 2) Strategics investors are leaving EU and millions of people will losse their jobs Taking into consideration that those who are ready to leave EU are searching for the expressions

a) ""Luxembourg Banking secrecy problems ""
b) Luxembourg banking secrecy scandals""
But up to know Luxembourg did not do what must be done in order to solve certain problems which have link with hs banking secrecy

If  for example when they will make those searches they will find businesses opportunities which can be done in Switerland which can bring more than 25% profit in less than 75 days ,in a very short time billions of EURO will go out from EU banks to Switzerland   economy tand by this ocassion millions of people will lose their jobs

3)EUhad been blocking funds in different projects which do not create a large number of jobs  t and do not bring incomes or  profits in short time

As millions of EU electors know that if monday any EU countries will promote an know how transfer  event which will be combined with adventure touristics products friday a large number of participants will come to that country pay for 700 -1700 EURO  for  that service and after they will download with 20 -30 euros ebooks ,tools ,apps

Taking into consideration that by this ocassion it will be created jobs in tourism ,transport ,construction ,real estate ,agriculture ,ecological industry ,research ,new media ,art entertainment food industry ,,advertising ,multimedia production ,digital econommy .millions of electors can see that in less that 7 days if EU funds will be invested in Know how transfer events combined with adventured touristic products it will be created a large number of jobs

Despite this EU continue to block  founds in different projects which do not create enough jobs and bring high profit

4) France, Germany ,Belgium ,Italy, Austria  ,Luxembourg bankers ,professionals banks employers ,are living a panic situation because they know they will lose their jobs Despite the situation gravity up to know nobody had made  whatit is necessary to help them reduce this panic situation

5) Switzerland can anytime close his borders to EU citizens get trillions of euros in know how transfer industry and digital economy without paying any taxes to EU

6) Up to know EU had launchet 7 different projects for youth but none of them had brought results Now thwy had created another in which companies from different EU countries will receive 85% of the amount they need to pay salary for yout aged from 15-25 years
National and extremist parties can anytime demonstrate that this program will encourage people to work illegaly ,to practisize prostitution committed crime etc

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