Friday, April 25, 2014

How EU banks can get more than 7 millions new clients in less than 7 months

Strategics investors are leaving EU billions euro are going out from EU economy and millions people are had already loose their jobs and some other millions wil get unemployed in the next period

 Germany ,France ,Italy ,Belgium ,Austria ,Luxembourg bankers ,professionals banks employes their families and realatives are living in a panic situation because they know they will lose their jobs ,
Giving the gravity of this situation if France ,Austria  ,Italy ,UK ,Belgium extremist parties will use this issue they will make people to get revolted and take strong actions against their Government
In order to help those countries to solve this problem and in the same time present a genuine concept which will help EU banks to get more than 7 millions new clients in less than 7 months  i had done the following thing

1) In the first stage i had created a list o business opportunities which bring more than 25% in less than 75 days ,and identified different economic activity domain entrepreneurs can invest monday and start to get high profit in friday

Givin that a large number od world wild investors ,entrepreneurs will like to know about those businesses opportunities ,i had done things in such a way they can know that if they will like to get informations about how to take advantages of this they will have to oppen a new bank account in Romania for example

2) Giving that is very importsnt to mske a large umber of world wild investors and entrepreneurs to know about those advantages ,we had created a digital platfiorm fro what Romanians ,Moldovans ,Ucranians ,Polish citizens who live abroad will promote those businesses opportunities and get cash money
Taking into consideration that for this purpose they will have to oppen a new bank account in Romania ,this way we will help Romanians banks to get a large number of new clients in  short time



1) Given that those who are going to promote those business opportunities and get cash money are leaving in countries as France ,UK ,Germany ,Italy ,Spain ,Austria ,and they will spend the money in those countries ,like this they will help the economy of those countries
2) Taking into consideration that revolted citizens who are against immigrations will know that this project will bring billions Euros which are going to be spend in those countries ,they will see for the first time in history that immigration trends are bringing billions euro to their country
3) As a big part of Romanians who have been commiting crimes in different EU countries will get cash money promoting those business opportunities this project will help EU to reduce in a very positive way rime rates
4) According to this project concept after a certain period of time when Romanians , Moldovans ,Ucranians ,Polish citizens will get used to receive big amount of money promoting those businesses opportunities they wil know that fro a certain period just those who will live in Romania ,Ucraina ,Moldovia ,Poland ,Bulgaria ,will have the righ to get money promoting those things Using this strategy a big part of them will decide to go back to their country
5) This project will give zero chance for corruption and abuse in what is concerning European founding process and in the same time reduce useless money spending ,birocracy

but this is not all because billions of euros will go out from EU banks .Despite the situation gravity Germany, France,Italy Belgium ,Austria Luxembourg up to now did not make what is necessary in order to help their citizens to reduce panic ,and also to motivate strategics investors to keep invsting their money in EU
Given the gravity of this situaion

 we will come back to present informations about this situations and what must be done to help Eu banks to get more than 7 millions new consumers in less than 7 months

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