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13 majors mistakes which might be used by Fascist and extremist parties to make people to revolte

Europe Union had been commiting grave problems and as a bad consequences of it day by day people are geting more revolted ,but the worst thinh which is happening  it that Fascist extremist parties are geting more supporte become credible and prepared to take stong acctions
Until them they are  using different mistakes European  Union officials are commiting to make people to relvolte  evean more

Because of the situation gravity in order to solve differents  problems which had appeared as a negative consequency of those errors commited by majority of  European Union government and officials ,

is very important to  identify those mistakes ,undertstand  how they are affecting peoples lives and EU countries economies

and try to eliminate them as soon as it is possible For this purpose i Alberto Rodrigues and economic and digital science researcher i had decided to prezent some ot them in this document


 Strategics investors are leaving EU and millions of people will losse their jobs Because of the situation gravity ,fascist ,extremist parties with a suport of some hiden interest which have a major scope to destablish  Europe Union might  use the situation to make EU citizens to get more revolted and take strong acttions

This is happening because millions of EU citizens know that billions Euros are leaving EU economy ,millions people are loosing their jobs but instead EU does what is necessary to motivate those invstors who are ready to leave to  continue invest in EU economie they are using EU funds for their own propaganda

Apart  of this because of a new banking secrecy new context some other billions are going out from Eu economy ..Given that because of the same banking secrecy new context ,a big number of Germany ,France ,Italy ,Belgium ,Austria ,Luxembourg professionals  who have been working in banking  and financial affair in Austria and Luxembourg are very revolted because they know that they are going to loose their jobs ,but despite of the  situation gravity noting had been done in order to help those  professionals from Germany ,France ,Italy ,Belgium ,Austria ,Luxembourg to reduce the panic

Those problems still existing since 2009 after Switzerland  banking secrecy  scandal ,which had distroyed the country traditional banking affair ,

Since then despite the situation gravity nobody had done what supose to be in order to help victms of those situations from Germany ,France ,Italy ,Belgium ,Austria ,Luxembourg to escape frome those problems

Due to all this we  had created special projects which can help Germany ,France ,Italy ,Belgium ,Austria ,Luxembourg citizen to reduce the panic

and in the same time Motivate strategics investors to keep investing  their money in UE ,Those projects  can be implemented in a colaboration with a University from Germany ,France ,Italy ,Belgium ,Austria ,Luxembourg and which will help to solve the problem

For this purpose  apart of different usefull things as we know that the only thing which can motivate investors to keep invest their money in EU is to present them

1) Investment  opportunities which can bring more than 25% profit in less than 75 days
2) Economics area  where money invested monday can start bringing high profit friday


Strategics investors had consciencialized that Europe Union economy is so dependent on Rusia energy and his exports can not survive without Russia markets ,because of this they are leaving Europe Union Given that as a negative consequence of this millions of people will loose their jobs and fascists EU  parties will take benefit from those bad situations and use them to make people to revolte even more and take stong acctions  we had created special projects which can help Europe Union to solve those problems

For this purpose apart of  the two strategic project we had presented we had considered that is very impornat also present world wild  strategics investors also a project as

"" Businesses opportunities which can bring high profit in short time but do not depend on Russia energia""


Given that a large number of strategics investors entrepreneurs are leaving Europe Union and millions of people are loosing their jobs one of the first priority thing  which must be done in order to avoid and economic and social disaster is  to implement certain projects in all the 28 Europe Union countries

 ( Organise conferences ,Know how transfer events ,short therm courses ,training ,)

In order to teach  companies what the have to do to use an very innovative and   awesome  strategy i will make reference in this chapter and them give more informations about it in a next document

This have  link with one of the most usefull strategy which can help EU companies to increase sales using just different digital science advantages
One of them is related to the fact that Eu companies can use  this innovative strategy to to get the most active email adress of world wild strategics investors entrepreneurs  ,their mobile phone and them greate a very powerfull  data bese which will help EU to have a fantastic economic grow

Taking into consideration that is  very difficult to convince  any investor ,entrepreneurs  to give their most activ email adress ,mobile phone ,and aceept to comunicate with them though those private ways ,

using our digital science skills we had created a fantastic project which can help all the 28 European  Union countries to achieve those strategics goals  and by this occasion bild  a powrfull data base which will  be used in a certain way to help Europe Union to achive strategics objectives and have a fantastic economic growth


EU investors and companies consider that costs for human resourses is too high  and because of this a big part of them are giving part time jobs to more skiled and califfied profesionals from India ,South Corea ,Brazilia ,Hong Kong etc

 Like   this apart of paying a very few money for  part time jobs  which can be done by professionals from those refered countries ,they do not pay taxes for those employes ,rent for offices where they should work ,and some other costs

 Given that because of those and dozens of some others advantages  by day more and more company are doing the same thing the number of European Union citizens who are going to loose their jobs and those who works and receive very low salaries will increase in a dramatically way

 Due to the fact that a large number of people are so worried about this situation fascist parties  are going to use them to make them to revolte even more Taking into consideration that millions of EU employes ,professionals ,students and their parents are so scared because of those situations we had created innovative solutions which are going to help those citizens to reduce the panic and  in the same time descouraje Fascist parties to use those problems as their political themes


One of the most dificult problem Europe Union companies are facing have link with the following situation After different researches which had been done in marketing fields ,marketers ,researchers  had observed that one of the best way companies can sale their products and services is to obtain email of their prospects and the accept to communicate using this private communication way ,start a special communicatioon with them until they can know much better the companies ,brand ,trust them and decide to buy their products and services
For this purpose they had innovate differents methods by which prospect used to  leave them  an email adress and give accept to receive more emails from the companies This strategy had helped companies to increase sales with more than 15-35% using just 75% of normal costs of marketing they had been using beford Because of those fantastics results this could be one of the strategy Europe Union could present to all their companies  and like this help them increase sales and reduce  marketings costs but

Unfortunatly in this moment there is a big probleme which have link with the following situation

After prospects had seen that after the leave an email to a company and they give the oppt in they start receiving advertising from that company
Because of this a big number of them had decided to oppen special emails they do not oppen frequently and use them for such purpose
Given that because they do not oppen those emails companies are not saling they way they suppose to do ,world wild economy is loosing ,a lot of company which had been using this strategy are so desperated
Because of the situation gravity digital science researchers are working in order to find solutions to solve this problems On of them have link with  an awesome method in which companies can get the most active email adress ,form their prospects ,the one they open it every day because is the one they use to log in in Facebook
Because of this in order to help Europena companies to increase sales and in the same time reduce costs of marketing Europe Union must implement  as soon as possible in all the 28 European Union countries ,projects ( Organise conferences ,Know how transfer events ,short therm courses ,training ,) In order to teach  companies what the have to do to implement this awesome  strategy in the benefit of his company


Majority of EU Universities are working just as a certificate machine ,we can even say that more than 87.3% of EU Universities have an unupdate and useless education programe What they are teaching students have noo link with what companies ,instituties and communities need to solve priorities problems and neither companies to increase sales reduce costs and get high profit
Despite all those bad situation those institutes education are geting in  illegaly mode money from students but instead of giving them the righ preparation they teach them useless things which had no link  with what companies and institutes need to achieve their goals,

Because of the situation gravity a big part of those who finish their school but they do not get a job, use to adventure in different EU  countries and commit crimes ,trafficing drog ,practising prostitution etc

Given that this is happaning because majorities of EU  Universities 87.3%   instead    to give them a righ preparation in such a way when they finish their studies they can know what to do to  help companies to achieve certain goals , they are just preocupied to get their money
As  a  negative consequence   students and their parents must know that majorities of EU Universities more than   87.3% are teaching students  just uselles things which have no link with what must be done,

Because of this who are following those EU Universities and Business schooll are lossing time and compromising their carreers

Due to the the situation  gravity  any time  students and their parents can ask their  money back and transfer to a University in another country where students are having the righ preparation
In order to demonstrate students and their parents how bad is the situation i will prezent in a separate a study case  with a certain University from a certian country which have for apart of some other faculties  ITC,Communication ,computer science ,but they do not know how to use a facebook ,yahoo,platphorma for elementary things they suppose to know and which have link with digital science
The same University suppose to organise differents conferences ,short therm course which should be combined with specials touristics products and by this occasion give students possibilities to work part time in such projects and get money in 7 differents projects

In April as i saw that the University where not doing what he suppose to do and offer possibilities for students to get money ,i had presented them an official project which was registred with the number 3164 /17/04/2014
In this document i had presented whatever suppose to be done to help students to get a part time jobs doing pleasent things they like to do

Unfortunatly at 17 Julay as i saw that despite the pression i had made to force them to do what supose to be done i had sent them another document because at that time the University had strated to subscribe new  students geting  their money and promisingthem good education ,updated education porgramme etc

In the new document part of remenbering them they where commiting an abuse and economic crime i  ask them  to have a meeting with the rector Unfortunatly part of refusing the meeting they had informed me in a very agressive way that i will have problems because i had acused them ob being commiting abuse against students and economic crime
Beford i continue this document i have to tell you that more than 99.7% EU Universities and businesses schools have an useless education programme which are not adapted to what companies need Because of this if i had sent at April a similar document to all EU Universities and businesses school a big part of them should had ignore me and continue geting money form students commiting abuses
However in another document i will tel you which University is that and how i am going to act in order to make them pay abuses they are commiting against students and economics crimes
Until then in order to have a better idea about how bad is this situation and how it is affecting students lives and EU economy i have to tell you the following thing

 Spain  have a lot of Universities and businesses school very well ranked ,but the country  have millions of economics and social problems ,

Spain have one of the high rate unemployment in the world

Spain is a powerfull world wild tourist country  but unfortunatly
Spain do not have special touristics products which can atrtract those who have money an disponibility to spend them ,despite of this we have in spain different faculty if tourists well ranked but this is not all ,

During suummer time instead those Universities and businesses scholl organise short term courses and combine them with specifics touristics products ,and this way help the country to attract a large number of tourist among those who have money and disponibility to spend them ,they had prefeed to close their ""Those Universities and Businesses schools and go for hollyday

Instead to present

1) Investment  opportunities which can bring more than 25% profit in less than 75 days
2) Economics area  where money invested monday can start bringing high profit friday
3) Businesses opportunities which can bring high profit in short time but do not depend on Russia energia
They had closed their Universiteis and Businesses school an go for hollydays

Given that if they had organised short therm courses about those themes ,they had gived possibilities for a large number of students to work part time ,and in the same time learn in a practical way what they can do to help companies to implement similar projects ,this can demonstrate Spanish Universities and businesses schools i  had refered  scho have an useless education programme
they are  not teaching students what companies need to increase sales ,atract investors ,reduce costs etc

Because of this a big parte of Spain companies  are giving online jobs to very skilled professionals from India ,Brasil ,South Corea ,Hong Kong  etc


Fascist and Extremist parties and ready to present students and their parents more than 7 differents way Universities  and businesses scholl from all the 28 EU countries can give students possibilities to win money while they are studing and in the same time inform them that beford they decide to study in a University or Businesses school they have to ask them if they are implementing projects which can give them possibilities to win money in 7 differents ways For those who are studing in a certain Eu University or Business school Fascist and Extremist parties will recommend students and their parents to start implment such projects and if they will not do it ,fascist and expremist parties will recommend  them  to transfer to other University or business school in another country where they are implementing those projects

Given that in Europe Union Universities and businesses scholls are not implementing such projects which can give students to win money part time while they are studing ,in 7 differents ways ,this will make dozens thousands of students to leave Europe Union  and different EU Universities to fail
Given that this will affect very grave EU reputation and a large number of forreign students will start avoiding to study in Europe Union ,this will affect very grave EU economy

Apart of this ,there will be another problem because if Fascists and expremists parties will be the one to help students ,their parents to oblige Universities and Businesses schools  to implement those projects they will get dozens of millions votes in all the 28 European Union countries ,in order to help EU to avoid such a disaster  we had elaborated a special projects we will present to Bruxelles officials


Europe Union had been  using a big part of EU  funds just  for propaganda In order to make people to understand this situation i have to tell them that ,different European  Union companies use more than 10% of their incomes for advertising purposes Europe Union use just 1% of his GD P   for  the same objectives but unfortunatly the funds which supose to create jobs and help companies to increase sales and get profit are used in  propaganda scopes

The situation is like a train which have to arrive in a final destination but he have just few fuel oil,but instead to put all the fuel oil in the engine ,Europe Union spread useless the fuel oil in some of the train compartiment just to make a smell so Europe Unoin can present  a propaganda in every place where is smeling fuel oil

Unfortunatly because of this  the train will run just 10 km in a very low speed and then it will stop in the midle of the road

Until this time the other competitors train which will put all the fuel oil in the engine will arrive fast in the final destination and leaves Europe Union dozens thousand kilometres of distance

Given that EU funds represent just 1% of PIB  EU must  all the 1% funds  to help the economy to grow and create jobs

For this purpose  i had identified a big list of   economic activities domains where money invested monday can strat to bring high profit in Friday and create a large number of jobs After this i had combined at least 5 of those domains and create a machine where founds invested monday will  start bring high profit in  Friday  and create a large number of jobs in more than 15 important econoic activity  areas


Germany and Austria are governed by big coalition  Given that  in such  a situation the second political obtion can become Nationalist ,extremist and fascist party, any time if Nationalists parties will present the fact that billions euros are going out and millions people are loosing their jobs  ,those parties will grow in Austria and Germany more and more and they will create very serious political and social problems

In order to help avoid such situation  ,i had created specific projects in order to solve this problem
By this ocassion in order to show Germany ,France ,Italy ,Belgium ,Austria ,Luxembourg Governemrnt ,official and academic society  the gravity of the problem

i had demonstrating the following thing

Taking into consideration that strategics investors   who are ready to leave EU are searching for the expressions

a) ""Luxembourg Banking secrecy problems ""
b) Luxembourg banking secrecy scandals""
i had demonstrate that because professionals did not make what is necessary when they majke the search they arrive in a platpforma i had created in order to present this demonstraction

If  for example when they will make those searches they will find businesses opportunities which can be done in , Hong kong which can bring more than 25% profit in less than 75 days ,in a very short time billions of EURO will go out from EU banks to China and this will be very bad  not just for Europe Union but also for for world wild economy and global security

Taking into consideration that China and Rusia had made special economic agreements this issues can scare Germany ,Austria EU citizens and make them to get revolted and support more and more extremist and fascist mouvments in EU


 1) Taking into consideration that anything which are linked with Russia have a great power to sensibilisize EU electors ,if National and extremist EU parties will make EU entrepreneurs and citizens  to know that majority of EU businesses need energia from Rusia and if UE entrepreneurs will choose to invest

in digital economy they will depends on USA tools ,this will make millions of EU citizens to get revolted

because Rusia had been made research and they had suceeded to find alternative for google ,Facebook yahoo, platpforma but unfortunatly EU did not

2) EU parents are so revolted because their kids email adress and telephone number arrive in the hand of foreign and this is happening  because EU   did not make researches and create alternative for USA digital platforms ,This situation is making  millions of EU parents grand parents and families to get revolted   because  they know Rusia had  made research and they suceeded to find alternative for google ,Facebook yahoo, platformes  but unfortunatly EU did not Usind some of my researches result i had find solution to solve those problems

3) Given that EU did not make research they way they suppose to be in different arias which have link with digital economy ,digital protection for economic affair ,Rusia can any time make  in a legal mode special things which had link with digital economy and make millios people to loose their jobs

In order to understand things in better way i have to inform you the digital protection of an affair is so different from ciber protection of the same affair A digital economic offensive which can make an assalt agains a country digital econommy is an oppen competition ,but a ciber offensive is a illegal act because of this a digital economic offensive is more dangerous than a cyber attack

According to researhes i had been made in order to understand how they can do those things i had discover that the most vulnerable EU coutries which can become victim are Germany ,Holland ,Austria Sweden

Given that by this ocassion Rusia can inform Nationalist ,fascist and extremist parties to follow the situation which will make millions EU citizens to loose their jobs ,by this ocassion Nationalist ,fascist and extremist EU parties can use such a bad situation to make Germany ,Holland ,Austria Sweden to get revolted


Given that when Europe Union entrepreneurs make a business in the real economy a big parte of them need energy from Rusia and if the choice to invest in digital economy they depend on USA digital infrastructure ,logistics ,tools , this situation apart of  making EU  citizens to get revolted it oblige strategics investors to avoid to invest in Europe Union

Because of this  situation gravity Europe Union must implement different project in order to reduce European  entrepreneurs and strategics investors panic about this situation and in the same time compensate looses

For this purpose

 Given that when  European  Union entrepreneurs will invest in digital economy they can help USA to get from the biguning huge profit from Europe Union to avoid big looses  ,Europe Union must not encourage anybody to make business in digital economy because like this they will bring looses to EU economy and help EU major competitor to get high profit

 In order to avoid such situation EU must create special projects in order to teach entrepreneurs how they can do business in digital economy and get biger profit than what they will help USA to get Otherwise if Europe Union will just recommend EU entrepreneurs to make business in digital economy ,just because they need a better number in the statistics Europena Union will help his major competitor to grow his economy and EU to have looses

Because of this in order to avoid this bad situation i had done the following thing

Given the fact that in this moment digital economy is something very abstract for a big majority of world wild citizens and because of this if it will be organized a conference  in Viena ,Berlin etc about those issues just a litle number of professionals will assist to it and then download  ebooks ,tols ,apps ,

in order to make dozens of millions world wild citizens to be interested in those issues i will  recommend  Europe Union  Universities ,professionlas ,researches to create as much study cases as they ,about specific situations which are affecting  billions of world wild citizens

For this purpose for example as i am a victim of abuses commited by  a    Minsitry of research  of a certain Europe Union country  ,i had created different study cases about how normal people can use facebook ,yahoo,google digital platform in a very geniune way  when they will search for example the expression ""Romanian Ministry of research abuse ""they can find denounce of such abuses
In the same time they can use viral comennts as"" If you are a student beford you become a victim you must search for the expression Romanina Ministry of research abuse ""

Given that billions world wild citizens are victim of abuses ,if a Germany ,Austria or any EU university will organise a conference aabout how to use Facebook ,yahoo,google to denounce abuses ..a large number of people ,professionals and officials will partecipate in those conferences and then dozens of world wild people will pay money 10 15 euro to download ,ebooks ,tools ,apps

Taking into consideration that by this ocassion those events which can be organised in Viena ,Berlin and any other EU city can be combined with specific touristics products ,this project will help EU to have an economic fantastic grow because by this ocassion apart of different other advantage it will create jobs in tourism ,transport ,agriculture ,construction ,real estate ,art and entertainment ,foods industires ,artesanat ,new media ,ecological industies ,commerce ,service ,multimedia production ,research activities ,digital economy ,and different other economic activities which have direct and indirect link with those


Given the political situation in UK  and the fact  that Mr David Cameron is strugluing to get votes ,in the next period he will use different themes which will continue to  encourage Nationalist extremist ,fascist mouvments In order to stop him from doing those things i had created a very genuine projects though what EU can take benefit from immigratins trends get billions Euros and create millions jobs

Because of such project for the first time in history immigrants will be seen in a different way and themes realted with immigration which had been used by extemist and fascist EU political parties will have no more political effects


Beford i prezent different problems in this document i have to remember EU moderates official that one of the major and priroity problems which must be solved have link with what must be done in order to descourage Nationalist ,Fascist ,extremist mouvment in Europe Union For this purpose  in order to help European moderate party to  achieve this goasl i had done the following thing
1) In the first stage i had identified the  Nationalist ,Fascist ,extremist major politic themes Given that two of them are linked with immigrations and jobs after some specifics researchs i  had creat a project which will generate a link as
""How EU can  use  immigration trend get billions euro and create millions jobs ""This is very geniune and strategic because the  project will leaveNationalist ,Fascist ,extremist without their major political gun
By this occasion we will demontrate for the first time in history how EU can get billions euros and create a millions jobs 
2) Given that   Nationalist ,Fascist ,extremist EU parties knows that young citizens aged 15 -35 years have a great power to make informations to go from thousands of computers to dozens of millions in a very short time they are using  them in order to help them spread their propaganda For this purpose they have been using youth unemployment as a major theme to scare them and make them take strong actions 
Taking into consideration  that European Union up to know had created more than 7 different projects and none of them had helped to solve the problem and recentely Angela Merkel had admit that European Union did not suceed to solve  youth unemployement problem Nationalist ,Fascist ,extremist EU parties are using the following link to  demonstrate that they are righ and that Angela Merkel  will recognaise very soon millions of some other mistakes they  she  had been commiting  since 2009

Up to now UE had implmented more than 7 projects in order to solve youth unemployment problem Given that none of them had brought results Nationalist ,Fascist and extremsist parties ,consider this situation as that when a doctor have had 7 different pacients for clinical operation and all of them had died

But to make EU citizens to get even more revolted Nationalist ,Fascist ,extremist Eu parties will present a situation they consider very stupid

Despite the situation gravity EU continue spending useless funds  implementing such projects for example in one of them they are paying companies to employee people

This is a useless economic measure because the company can employee  a  friend or relativ who do not know what to do in order to help the  firme  to achieve his goals

During all the 13 months he will get the money from European  Union and for the rest of 13 months the company will keep employed him just in documents but the employee will be the one to pay taxes

By this ocassion in order to make millions of EU citizens to understant the situation  they will give exemple with Romanina and Bulgarians

Given that the Romanian and Bulgarians employes will have no money to pay taxes they  will be forced  to adventure in different EU countries commite crimes ,practise prostitution in order to get the necessary money they  will need to pay taxes
Given that this issues is very credible it will help Nationalist ,Fascist ,extremist Eu parties to get more and more suports

Instead of such a measure where EU pay money for companies which will emlploye people they can recommend all EU Universities and grammar scholl to implement projcts where they will test and develop viables economic models which can help companies to increase sales  taking advantages with new technology ,get high proifit in diffeent economic areas where money invested monday can bring high profit  friday

Like this in the moment companies will see that different Universitie had created and developed those economics models they will pay money to those Universities  to get the right to use such models and employee students in order to implement them

This way companies will employe people who will help them to increase sales and not with the scope to benefit from EU money

Given that companies will like to keep those students they will pay them a very high salary This way more money will arrive in the country budjet ,and in the all EU economy without any EU investment

we will  present different other important issues on it

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