Friday, June 13, 2014

How mr Cameron and conservatives can start making UKIP to loose votes and credibility

In  less than 7 monts Mr Cameron and conservatives can make UKIP to lose credibility 

I am Alberto Rodrigues As an economic and digital science researcher i can tell you that 

UKIP  have no solutions to solve problems  they have been talking about

Given this Conservatives can use a specific strategy which will make UKIP loose votes and  credibility 

Beford i can tell  you what must be done  i  have to inform you that all this concept project and some other which can be used in the same purpose  had resulted from an economical research activity which is made by

 an idependent  researcher I mean i do not work for any company ,institute ,organizations and because of this i had freedom to make research for any major problem which are affecting EU and any other country  If i  was working for  a specific country or company researches it could not be possible to make research about those issues

This is a very positive thing for a company institute  which can take benefit from those innovative solutins to solve certain problems  but for me as a researcher it is so difficult to sustain costs of my researches Because of this i had adopted a similar   system mr Barack Obama had created in 2008  in order  to support the costs of his project

For this purpose after you will  read this research project concept and some others gived  by conferences title as

1)How EU can get billions euro and create  millions jobs taking benefit from immigration trends ""
2) How to create more than 7 millions jobs in less than 7 months

3) How to assure 100% transparency and possibility  ZERO for corruption

4) How EU  banks can get more than 7 millions new clients in less than 7 months
5)) How EU can get billions euro and create jobs taking benefit from his multicultural advantages  ""

6) How to get more than 25% profit in less than  75 days 

 and as a private person and not as a company or institute  representant or employe you had considered my researchees   projects important not just for your institute ,company , but for all your community etc ,

 you can help my researches in a simbolic mode by sending 5-7 euros to

Nome  Jorge Alberto Rodrigues  
Cod IBAN  RO04BRDE080SV84347170800

After this informations ,returning to the title  of the document

I will explain how i can help Conservatives and Mr David Cameron to achieve those goals

For this purpose  in the first step Conservatives can consider that UKIP had put a diagnosis and identify serious problems which are affecting Europe Union and Great Britain 

As we are living in a fair play country in a world cup contests we conservatives we want to tank UKIP
for the jobs they had done and consider that they are

 creating a big political competition which will be usefull for UK democracy and for the benefit of the people because like this we conservatives and Labourist will work hard to find solutions to solve UK citizens problems
but this is not all because Ukip will help us also to force the neew Bruxelles admnistrations to make radical changes
By this occasion Conservatives will agree with UKIP leader that Europe Union had different stupid rules ,ideas, projects which must be changed but in order to force them it must exist stong voices as UKIP
By this ocasion Conservatives in order to help UKIP in his mission he will present them a list of different other problems which are affecting EU people lives and economies Using this strategy British citizens will realise that EU problems are bigger than they knew up to know
Why Conservatives can use this strategy ?
If UK citizens will realize that problems are biger than what they knew when conservatives will bring solutions to solve them they will respect more the party and his leader Mr David Cameron
Because of this after Conservatives will present UKIP a big list of European Unions problems mr David Cameron will tell them
"" Okey we have a big list of grave problems which are affecting
""Now lets find solutions to solve them""
Giving that for every problem Conservatives will present in that big list we have genuine solutions which had been found by a group of international researchers ,after a certain time Conservatives and Mr Cameron will lauch a compaign inviting UKIP to bring solutions to solve the problems ,
and in the same time informing people that Conservatives professionals are workinghard in order to get viable solutions to solve refered problems and for the same purpose he want to invite UKIP and his professionals to do the same thing
Given that because of one of those problems strategics investors are leaving EU and millions of people are losing their jobs in country as ....and because of this millions of immigrants will come to Great Britain to take citizens jobs
By this occasini UKIP will be in a great dificulty
Using this strategy Conservatives and Mr David Cameron will put UKIP under pressure
Mean while Conservaties will continue with a campaign saying people that WKIP are not bringing solutions and because of this investors are leaving EU and people are loosing their jobs and because of this they will coe to Great Britain to take citizens jobs

After a certain period of compaign Conservaties will start presenting genuine solutions which are going to solve the problme and in the same time creat millions of jobs in UK

By this occasion for every separated problem Conservatives will create a separat campaign using the same strategy After just two of them dozens of millions UK electors will see that WKIP had been just talking but he have no solutions to sole problems he had been presenting

After Conservatives and Mr Cameron will suceed with this strategy they will organize know how transfer events ,which will be combined with special touristic products

By this occassion Conservatives professionals will teach world wild political leader what they can do to make a National ,extremist party to loose credibility

Given that those events will help UK create jobs in Tourism ,transport ,agriculture ,food industries,construction ,Real Estate ,research and innovation activities ,advertising ,artesanat ,ecological industry ,,commerce ,service ,entertainment,multimedia production ,digital science economy ,and dozens of some other economic activities related with those ,than Conservaties and Mr David Cameron will have a genuine study case though what they will humiliate UKIP and make evean a bling to see that UKIP have no solutions for what they had been talkng about
In a second step of this strategic plan Conservatives and Mr Cameron will implment another projects though what UK will use immigrations advantgaes get billions euros and create millions of jobs
All this and some other projects had been created by Alberto Rodrgiues an economical and digital science researcher
For more informations about them you can contact me using the following
Because of this i will present you a strategy you can use in order to make them Ukip and his leader to loose credibility

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